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EP 39: How to Build a World Class Team For Your Business | Interview with Brian Rapier

Training a team and trusting them with your business can be scary. Finding the right people, training them correctly, and letting them take control of the business that YOU were running is a big job, but it's one of the most important steps in growing your business, increasing your monthly revenue, and finding the best solutions to problems that haven't even happened yet. Brian Rapier loves his day job, and worked hard to build his land business. Now that he has a team of people from the USA to help grow his land investing business, he has more time to spend with his growing family, while his monthly income grows along with it. In this interview, we talk about all things teamwork, what it takes to make it in the land business, and we learn more about how Brian manages a full time job, his own personal business, and still has time for is amazing family.

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