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Create Cash Flow On Your Time - From Anywhere in the World

With only a laptop, a phone, and less than $3,000… you can flip vacant land at home in your pajamas

If you’re eager to create a new income stream while working from home, you owe it to yourself to read this. There’s simply no better model for passive income than land flipping. It’s literally the easiest real estate business to start and there are literally hundreds of thousands of buyers hungry for cheap land right now. So, if you have $3,000, a laptop,a phone and fire in your belly, we can show you how to start flipping land (for real cash flow) in as little as a month. 

If you have 10 hours per week, a burning desire to make more money and you understand that the most significant investment you can make to achieve your goals is an investment in yourself, then click below to signup for a free strategy session.
Financial Independence Is Within Reach

Putting your family’s well-being in the hands of an employer during a down-economy is just crazy. That’s why more and more people are choosing to become financially independent through a lucrative side-hustle like real estate that can evolve into a truly wealth-creating business.

You’re probably thinking that real estate requires hundreds of thousands of dollars, formal education and state licenses but that’s absolutely false. Our successful students have started with as little as a few thousand dollars and have made 6-figures in their first year.

With over a decade of experience, Howard Zonder and David VanSteenkiste know what it takes to start with limited resources to build a thriving business. Don’t be fooled by charlatans who promise massive results with little effort. Land.MBA is a no-fluff, action-oriented approach that will get you results. Whether you are just starting out or are already a six-figure earner looking to take your business to the next level, Land.MBA has a program for you.

$160k in the last 90 days!

Derik K. Land-MBA Coaching Client

In the last 90 days I acquired $160,000 in equity. And I just acquired a deal today that is going to net me fifty five grand. Dave, I could kiss you if you weren’t so damn ugly!

Introducing the Accelerator - our proprietary land flipping implementation system

Knowledge + Action = Success

Land Essentials Video Program
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Watch as many times as you want
Live Implementation Sessions
  • Ask questions
  • Learn from other students questions
  • More real-world details and examples
  • Form friendships and accountability groups
  • Deal reviews
  • Action plans
6-Month Mastermind Access
  • Community support
  • Motivation
  • Knowledge exchange
  • Networking
1-Year text support with coaches
  • Close deals faster with access to pressing questions
1 on 1 strategy session with a Land.MBA coach
  • Set goals and begin to build land investing strategy

Are you ready to transform your life? If so, it’s all about turning knowledge into action. When you join the Land.MBA Accelerator, you can expect to learn, be inspired, have your energy directed to the most valuable activities, be steered away from costly mistakes, be held accountable and celebrated for your successes.

We know that joining a mentorship program is a big decision. That’s why we want to make it as easy for you as possible. Unlike other programs that charge $25,000 – $30,000 for beginner level knowledge, our implementation program is a short, intensive and affordable small-group add-on to the Land.MBA Essentials video course.

Every aspect of our program inspires you to convert knowledge into action. And as you do, we will be right there with you to guide you towards opportunities and away from danger. David refers to this as “pushing you out of the nest and forcing you to grow wings on the way down.”

This is not one of those programs that promises you something for nothing. while not difficult, Commitment and hard work are required…

Now it's your turn

Everything you need

When you join the Land.MBA Accelerator

video sessions

Each week we’ll get together as a small group to go into depth on one part of the land flipping process, answer questions and discuss action items for the coming week.


Deal Reviews

Present your deals to the group or the coaches directly to get feedback before purchasing properties.

Group Communication

You will join a private text group for your cohort and get access to channels for the larger community.

Personally Curated Resources

We will guide you and provide access to a carefully curated selection of resources that will help you build and grow your business.

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