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The land business changed our lives... Let us show you what it can do for you

Our story

At Land.MBA, we're on a mission to help every land investor acquire the resources and guidance they need to achieve confidence and success in their business.

Hi, this is David and Howard. We are living in unprecedented times.  Job security is low, inflation is high and it is becoming harder and harder to support our families with a dreaded J.O.B.  

In the hundreds of conversations we have every week with land investors, we learned that the number one reason people pursue a side-hustle or alternative career is to make enough money to leave their jobs.  We know all about that.  We both worked in soul-sucking corporate jobs when we started out.  

In fact, when I (Howard) was downsized from my last job in 2015, I established four goals for my future career path:

  1. First, I had to look forward to getting up every morning.  If I didn’t like what I was doing, I would find something else.
  2. Second, I wanted no ceiling on how much money I could make.  If I was willing to work twice as hard, I wanted to make twice as much money.
  3. Third, I wanted geographic independence.  We live in the Internet age so I wanted to be able to work from anywhere or take my family on an extended vacation without missing a beat.
  4. And finally, I could never be fired or downsized.

I didn’t have any background in real estate but decided to throw caution to the wind and take a chance on this small, relatively unknown niche of raw, vacant land.  I took a course and much to my delight, it worked!  I was thrilled to learn that land investing achieved all four of my goals!  

My (David) story is similar to Howard’s.  I was in technology sales but had dabbled in other forms of real estate investing including house flipping and house wholesaling.  Once I discovered land though, I never looked back.  Unlike traditional forms of real estate, land is much easier, requires less capital and the business can be run from anywhere in the world!

After learning the basics and building our deal flow to the point where we exceeded our previous salaries, we set our sights on mastering our processes, systems and staffing so we could scale our businesses and shift from working in our businesses to working on our businesses.  There is no greater feeling than going on vacation with your family, secure in the knowledge that your business will continue to run and make money for you while you’re off playing!

In 2018, we decided it was time to help other people realize that amazing feeling of having more than enough money to live your dreams, give back to the community and control your own financial destiny.  

There are plenty of people these days who are satisfied to sit around and live off the government.  Land.MBA is definitely NOT for them.  But if you’re the kind of person who isn’t afraid to work hard and take control of your future through extreme ownership, we can’t wait to work with you hand in hand to realize your dreams!

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