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Are you ready to become part of an exclusive community of like-minded land investors committed to growing their businesses, sharing best practices and motivating each other?

“I have achieved a level of success in the land business that I didn’t believe possible when I started. My years in Howard’s Mastermind gave me the motivation and knowledge I needed to push through the tough times and accelerate my path to success.”

Jesse Marchand

Earthly Acres

Here's what you can expect from the the Land.MBA Mastermind:

“There is one meeting each week that I never miss – it’s the Land.MBA Mastermind. It’s like happy hour with my land investing buddies. I always learn something.”

Mitch milam

Texas Land Direct

From 7-figure full-time investors to people just starting out, you will find a home in the Land.MBA Mastermind. It is THE place to be to accelerate your land investing success.

What criteria are required for me to join?

Anyone can join the Land.MBA Mastermind.  Some breakout groups require a minimum number of deals per year  to qualify. This is important so that you can benefit from a group with similarly experienced investors who are at your level or even higher.

What is expected of me once I join?

The more active you are in the mastermind, the more you will benefit, and the more other members will benefit. While meetings usually aren’t mandatory to attend, it’s highly recommended that you attend as many events as possible. You want to have a giving mindset as well. No one wants a member to only attend to take information and never give back.

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