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Secret pricing strategies, tools and techniques used by the most successful land investors.

Make more money from more deals

Pricing = Success

More revenue, more profit

The secret to success in the land business is understanding market value better than sellers and better than buyers.  Only when you are confident in your understanding of market prices can you maximize your acquisitions per mailer and lock in healthy margins.

Now, for the first time, Land.MBA’s new course, “Master Your Pricing,” gives you access to the secret strategies, techniques and tools used by the most successful land investors.  

This isn’t black box pricing where a machine spits out answers that you don’t fully understand.  Students of this course will become masters of the art and science of pricing, able to price mailers quickly, efficiently and with uber-accuracy.  They will also gain deep understanding of the markets in which they invest.

The course

What you can expect from this course

What’s the value of one extra deal per mailer?  How about 3 deals.  Millionaire land investors invest time and effort upfront because they know that accurate pricing generates more calls, more conversations and more deals.  They don’t trust black-box machines to do this strategic work for them because they know that knowing market pricing better than sellers and buyers is the secret to success in this business. 

Now, for the first time, you have access to the strategies, techniques and tools used by the most successful land investors to quickly and efficiently price thousands of mailers with incredible accuracy.


Here's what our clients have to say:

So far I closed 13 property deals...

“At one of my property deals I was able to buy a property for $11,200 and sold it  for $26,000…”

Jamon Y.

I Exceeded my financial goals by nearly double...

“If I didn’t get the coaching through your program, I would have never done this…”

Lucas K.

$160,000 IN THE LAST 90 DAYS...

“Acquired one single deal that made me $55,000…”

Derik K.

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Here's what you get

When you join the course today:

Know market values

Master market value to buy right and lock in higher margins.

Understand your markets

Master variations in pricing by subdivision, terrrain, development and access.

Accurate pricing on mailers

Increase deal flow and protect your time by sending accurate offers.

More deals

Accurate offers lead to more conversations, more acquisitions and more profits.

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