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EP: 23 Joe Aboussie & How he is scaling his land business

Nearly everyone who gets into the land business, because they want to create a better life for their families. And while earning a good income or achieving financial independence really contributes to that goal. You haven't really created a better life for your family if you're working all the time. Take it from me, a serial workaholic, it would be better if you could design your work life in such a way that you can make your family your top priority. On today's episode of The Land.MBA Podcast, Dave and I are interviewing Joseph Aboussie. Joe and his dad come from the commercial real estate world and made the strategic decision to pivot into land. He tells us how he developed systems and processes that enabled him to not only scale his business, but also keep his family as his top priority. Oh, and if you hang with us to the end You'll hear the ultimate tool on how to maintain the perfect chrome dome hairstyle! From football coach to entrepreneur Joe traded ASU and football for the ministry shortly after college. Then he started coaching high school football. He loved it. But after two years he was ready to move on. Spending 90 hour weeks was just not in the cards anymore. Sitting in a room just doing X's and O's for hours on end started to lose its charm after a while. He started flipping houses in the Austin-area. That turned into a stin working for a commercial real estate company. He worked in acquisitions for big chain properties like CVS and Arby’s. Building that portfolio gave him the confidence to create his own company.

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