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Episode #34
Traits of Successful Land Investors

Investing in land has a high potential for earning. It's not easy, but you can set yourself up for success by focusing on developing some key traits. In this episode, we talk about the winning ways of the most successful individuals in land investing. First is having the right mindset. Taking a positive view of every situation can make all the difference. Believing that you can be successful is the first step to success. When you experience something negative, see it as a learning experience.  Second, don't give in to fear. Fear is a killer. The best entrepreneurs overcome fear and risk.  Third, winners are not afraid to take significant steps. Entrepreneurial thinking is about thinking big. We also talk about how effective consistency and persistence are. It's just like exercise – if you want to see results, you need to show up consistently. In land investing, it means establishing a consistent pattern in your dealings with potential clients.  Successful land investors are consistent and persistent, willing to push through life's setbacks and challenges. Take time to internalize these traits and values. Once they are second nature, they will transform you into a winner. Timestamps 11:21 – You must strive to develop the right mindset in order to succeed.  This is the type of mindset which sees every failure as a learning opportunity. The same mindset also has the goal of learning from every experience that does not yield the expected results. If you adopt this mindset and continue moving forward, you will succeed as you put your one foot in front of the other. 16:35 – Do not get easily discouraged and consumed by fear Do not get discouraged and be consumed by fear immediately after this down surge. Fear is a killer. If you will see the money as an investment and not a cost, it will earn you dividends after some time. 19:39 - Avoid shiny object syndrome As defined in the podcast, shiny object syndrome is commonly done by people who want immediate gratification. Thus, many people are willing to do many different formulas that will get them much easier to the top. For you to be successful, you must follow the program and your mentor. Trying on different things and different approaches in a short time can easily overwhelm you. The sad thing here is that you can drown and never make it to the top. 26:52 - You cannot cost-cut your way to growth Contrary to large corporations' typical method, you cannot just cost-cut your way to success. Quarterly profits and results are usually governing publicly traded companies. If the revenues are down, they will cut costs so numbers can work and still bring them their compensation. But in reality, you cannot only cut your costs and be successful after that. Growth comes after investment and not from simple cost-cutting. This is also a reminder that you are not a large company but an entrepreneur. You must have the education and work further so you'll truly be successful. 34:07 - How you project yourself will determine how successful you will be In business and personal development, how you see yourself will eventually determine how successful you will become.  If you believe deep in your heart that you will be successful, the universe will conspire to help you achieve that goal. But if you believe otherwise, then you will get that result. Getting the right mindset is one of the most fundamental concepts of being successful.

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