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Issue 53

1. Differential Tax Assessment of Agricultural Lands?
All states have laws that tax agricultural land differently than other lands to lower the amount of property taxes farmers and ranchers pay. But no two state laws are exactly alike in the specifics of what land qualifies for the assessment, how to calculate the agricultural value of land, and penalties for removing land from agricultural use. This compilation presents each state’s provisions for differential tax assessment of agricultural land. 

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2. The Land Development Process In 6 Steps
There is no shortage of opportunity in the real estate industry as an investor. The real estate industry offers scores of options investors can pursue from investing in residential, multifamily, and commercial properties. One of the more under-utilized investment opportunities is raw land investing, and there is no reason to ignore it anymore.

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3. 10 Tips for Developing Raw Land

There’s something about standing on your own private acreage and letting that soil sift through your fingers; a feeling of pride, independence and security as you survey your personal property. You’re a landowner!

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4. Property Easement Agreements: Getting it Right

Easement agreements can be effective in their goal of granting rights to use property with very little (if any) formal language. However, the concern addressed herein is the need to spell out the details of the agreement, to protect one’s rights and avoid potential liability. Addressing these critical components will not only ensure clarity in the parties’ understanding, but will also go great lengths toward avoiding disputes, potential litigation and unintended outcomes.

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5. What to Know About a Property Survey: See Why They’re Important

Are you in need of getting a land survey done? You might have never thought about ever needing a land survey until recently. Is this something people need to go through? No, this is not a compulsory step. However, it is a beneficial, even money-saving, step.

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