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Issue 51

1. 50 Business Ideas for Vacant Land
Help prospective buyers visualize what they can do with their land.  Here are 50 business ideas.

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2. How To Determine Land Values
We all know that comps are the basis for determining the value of a plot of land but there’s actually more to it than that. Find out what the other factors are in this blog post from FortuneBuilders:

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3. What is Adverse Possession – The Case In Arizona?

Adverse possession is an ancient legal concept that allows a trespasser—sometimes a stranger, but more often a neighbor—to gain legal title over the land of the property owner. Old though its roots might be, the law’s continued utility is to achieve a fair result when one owner has neglected or forgotten about a piece of land while another has been using or caring for it for so long that to make the trespasser leave would actually create hardship.

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4. The Importance Of Separating Personal & Business Finances

The need to separate business and personal finances is imperative when starting a business. It will play a significant role in how your business operates and how the corporate world perceives it. Differentiating between personal and business finances can provide an array of benefits, including tax advantages and the ability to shield your personal assets. However, if left undone, it can also leave you high and dry when things go awry.

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5. 14 Reasons Why Businesses Fail

About 20% of small businesses fail in their first year, and a staggering 96% of businesses will fail over a 10-year period of time. As for the remaining 4%, it does not necessarily mean they succeed – it means that they’ve survived.  So why do businesses fail? What makes one entrepreneur succeed while another experiences business failure? It comes down to a combination of preparation, strategies and knowledge.

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