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Issue 50

1. How To Get Rich In Real Estate Without Buying A Ton Of Property
Patrick Zalupski took a big hit investing in condos just before the Great Recession. So he tried a new tactic designed to minimize his risk and weather economic downturns—and now he’s a billionaire.

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2. Why Investors Are Paying Real Money For Virtual Land?
If the metaverse is meant to encompass everything that exists virtually, from digital art to virtual worlds, then the real estate parcels that are being snapped up can be seen as just one type of metaversal investment, often listed as NFTs.

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3. Raw Land Loan Rates 2023

First South Farm Credit (FSFC) has been financing rural land since 1916. Since it was founded over 100 years ago, FSFC now has grown to over 40 branches with 9,000 members and serves the “Deep South” in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi. They offer great raw land loans and competitive land loan interest rates.

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4. Is Harvesting Rain Water Illegal in Your State?

Here are the states that have rain water collection laws on their books with a short explanation for what those laws are like in each place.

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5. EP 106: How I Turned My Layoff into a Successful Business | Tech Layoffs 2023 Land.MBA Podcast

Learn how to effectively use demographic segmentation in your marketing strategy. Get inspired by real-world examples from household brands.

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