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Issue 40

1. Is Harvesting Rain Water Illegal in Your State?
Here are the states that have rain water collection laws on their books with a short explanation for what those laws are like in each place.

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2. Business Formation Statistics (BFS)
When choosing markets to invest in, one metric that matters is business formations. New businesses will drive employment and inbound migration which in turn will lead to increased demand for all forms of real estate. Use this page to visualize business formation growth by state.

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3. Understanding Option Agreements and How They Work in a Land Purchase

If you’re a property investor, you may have heard of option agreements in any of your previous deals. A property option is a way for you to secure an investment opportunity without paying large sums of money upfront. Option agreements have their own advantages depending on the situation you find yourself in.

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4. Recreational Land Ownership: How to Finance Hunting Land

Buying and leasing farmland for hunting use provides ample opportunity for financial gains.

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5. 5 ways to make land easier to sell | Land.MBA Podcast

Wouldn’t it be great to decrease your average hold time by 20 or 30%? The speed that properties sell correlates directly with how high the demand is for certain kinds of properties. So it stands to reason that if we buy the right kind of properties, we should be able to sell them faster. What then are the characteristics of properties that more people will want to buy? That is the subject of today’s Land.MBA podcast.

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