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Issue 35

1. Why Real Estate Investors Should NOT Take December Off…
When it comes to real estate investing specifically, here are some BIG reasons why December’s an important month for real estate entrepreneurs to stay on top of their marketing and sales tasks…

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2. Annual Planning
An annual business plan is a road map for a company and its employees. It contains milestones that carry the plan forward through a series of smaller goals that lead to a broader vision of where the business aims to be by the end of the year.

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3. Where America’s developed areas are growing: ‘Way off into the horizon’

A Washington Post analysis of data released by the U.S. Geological Survey this summer highlights where the most development has taken place. Suburbs are sprawling out in Arizona and Nevada as industries move to the Sun Belt, retirement communities are popping up in Florida as the baby boomer generation ages, and oil and natural gas wells have emerged across North Dakota and West Texas.

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4. Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) Maps Dashboard

Land tends to increase in value when it’s in the path of growth. This interactive map shows the centroid of the city or county in which many proposed projects are located. 

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5. Land.MBA EP 95: The one change you must make to thrive in a changing market

Worried about the economy? Wondering what effect the housing market will have on your business? Investors and newbies have been coming to us with questions about what the future of the land flipping business look like, and what they can do to better their chances in an ever changing market. On this episode of the Land.MBA podcast, Howard and David talk about their undated strategy for 2023 to grow your land flipping business.  

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