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Why Land Investing Is One of My Favorite Real Estate Investing Strategies

I remember the first deal I did in the land business. It was awful. I bought this crappy quarter acre lot in southeast Utah in the middle of nowhere, and I paid too much for it. It took me five months to sell it and I only made 83% return on investment. Can you imagine? I made 83% return on investment in five months, and it's the worst deal I've ever done. Try doing that in the stock market or any other market for that matter.  My best deal to date I made over 3,000% return on investment. In this episode of The Land.MBA Podcast, David and I will discuss why land is our favorite investment strategy. Land investing has provided a lot of people a lot of freedom.  Whether you're someone that's just looking for a side hustle because you've hit that glass ceiling in your career, or you just don't want to work for the man forever.  For anybody who's gone to business school or gotten an MBA, you always hear that the purpose of a business is to increase shareholder wealth. That is the primary objective of a business. Well, as a business owner, I can say that is absolutely true. And yet so many of us we leave business school and we go off into the corporate world and we forget that what we are doing is we are working hard to increase shareholder wealth, but we're not really the shareholders  At this stage in my life, I have four absolutely non-negotiable requirements in my career.The first one is, I have to love what I'm doing. I have to look forward to getting up in the morning. If I don't, I'll go find something else to do.  The second thing is there can be no cap on how much money I can make. If I'm willing to work twice as hard. I want to make twice as much money.  Third is geographic independence.  We live in the internet age. If I've got a laptop or a smartphone and an internet connection I should be able to do this business from anywhere in the world. Doesn't matter whether I'm at home, I'm in an RV in a national park so long as there's internet. The last non-negotiable requirement is ensuring I can never be fired or downsized. In the land business you buy land that you've never seen in a county that you've never been to, from a person that you've never met. And then you turn around and sell it to somebody else that you've never met, all from the comfort of your own home. It's just insane. It's wonderful.  And on top of that much of that workflow can be automated and outsourced.  I know a guy in the land business, who used to be a teacher. He's now doing this full time. It took him three years to get up to the point where he had the choice to leave the teaching profession. But he would just crush it in the summer.  He would work really hard in the summer and that would carry him through the rest of the year.

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