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Interview with Jay Jacobson and Cory Thomas | Their REI Success and Passive Investment Strategies

Everyone is desperately searching for someway to boost their income these days. The Covid Crisis has people wondering just how much longer they will be able to count on their paycheque. That’s why we invited Jay Jacobson and Cory Thomas onto the show today. Each of them are big believers in the power of real estate based passive income. Cory runs Income Property Advisers with his brother. For over 17 years, they have been helping real estate investors exchange into management-free income properties. Jay, meanwhile, manages a large portfolio of real estate holdings and is a big believer in the power of owning rental units. Jay specializes in management-free, income producing properties that qualify for 1031 exchange investments. Their focus is helping investors find the properties that are going to perform the best, both from a cash-flow standpoint as well as an appreciation standpoint. At any given time, they have 30 to 35 properties available. They don’t recommend properties unless there's going to be growth in that market. That means job growth, wage growth, population growth, and rent growth. Jay first entered the real estate investing market in the 1970’s when he purchased a duplex. He got his broker's license. As his portfolio grew so did his interest in 1031 exchanges. They proved to be a powerful tax-avoidance strategy. Land investing could be a very attractive opportunity for those that are already flipping houses or operating in the whole-sale market. It also offers yet another income stream for those that own multi-family units.

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