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EP:35 Time is Money, Don't Waste it Doing Paperwork Interview with Fabrica Founder Federico Pomi

Have you ever been overwhelmed with paperwork you weren't expecting, or a legal roadblock that stopped a deal dead in it's tracks? Once an investor's portfolio begins to grow, managing the piles of paperwork to facilitate smooth sales and closings can eat up a lot of time, and cause major headaches if you aren't prepared. Our guest today, Federico Pomi, saw first hand the hassles that first time home buyers and land investors alike have to overcome when buying and selling property; and he's made it his mission to develop a system that makes the process easy to integrate for investors, as well as trustworthy and secure for your buyers. So he created Fabrica.  Fabrica is a platform designed to help streamline the sales process for investors by offering your buyers easy and secure ways to buy, finance, sign, and pay. They offer instant property transfers, and secure payments directly to your bank.  We are very excited to be talking with Federico today, and even more excited about the kind of solutions he is bringing to help solve the problems us land investors deal with on a daily basis.  7:40: How does Fabrica handle transfer of ownership?  Fede goes into detail about how Fabrica manages your properties legally, and what that means for your buyers. Fabrica properties are put into trusts, allowing easy transfer of the properties between parties.

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