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EP: 7 Interview with Jaren Barnes on how he Invests in Vacant Land

I am super excited because we have a phenomenal guest today on the show. His name is Jaren Barnes. He's just got a deep background in many facets of the real estate industry - most prominently as a key person in the success of Bigger Pockets. He started out working in pre-foreclosures where he was knocking on doors, finding opportunities for his employer in that market. He's since become a very active and very successful land investor. And because he hates to be bored, he's also now the creative director over at REtipster. Jaren has built a business based on incredible volume. He sells on average between 20 to 30 properties per month. That is a jaw-dropping number. He believes that the land business has all the perks of wholesaling houses and none of the drawbacks. Direct mail is still so much more affordable in land investing. It's just amazing because the land business is the only asset class that I know of where you have people that literally do not care about the property and want to give it to you for pennies on the dollar. When you deal with houses. There's just a lot more emotion involved. Recently he bought a property for $500 and sold it for $25,000. That's not a typical deal. That's definitely a home run. But what other type of real estate class has deals like that? Jaren is hugely impressed by the growing role of technology in the land investing business: “I am shocked at the amount of technology it attracts a lot of engineers and software engineers,” he says. With houses, because it's such a localized market you can fly the seat of your pants. But most land investors will never see the land they are buying. To make informed decisions you need lots of data. And that’s why there is such a wealth of information out there along with software tools to glean powerful insights. Leveraging those tools is the real secret to Jaren’s success. And it can be for you too.

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