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EP: 48 80 deals in 8 months | Interview with land investor Mitch Milam

The dream of every land investor is to make more money while working fewer hours.  Imagine closing 80 deals in 8 months while working less than 10 hours per week. It's easy to say "automate and outsource" but like everything else, there is a big difference between the what - automate and outsource - and the how.  Success flows from the how. In this episode, experienced land investor Mitch Milam talks about how he closed 80 deals so far this year by outsourcing much of the heavy lifting to realtors.  He explains his tips and tricks for hiring people who have increased his selling prices, reduced his time to sales and managed much of the paperwork. He also talks about his strategy for finding hot markets and much more. The single most important quality that Mitch has adapted in his land business is a bias towards action.  He was influenced in this area by the book Execution by Bill Bossidy and Ram Charan.  Get your copy here:

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