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EP 40: Payments in Perpetuity! This investor did WHAT? | Interview with Post Office Owner Jeff Jones

Are you looking to start a land business? I didn't know this before we talked with our guest this week, but the postal service leases most of it's local post offices from land owners and investors like you and me. After working in commercial real estate as a career, and being stuck at home recovering from a sports injury, he learned about investing in land, and eventually combined his now growing land business with his commercial real estate experience to go after government leases for post offices, and help other investors secure similar deals across the country.  Get in contact with Jeff if you're interested in securing a building of any type, including post offices.  This interview with Jeff is eye-opening, and you will learn a lot about how he negotiates commercial leases with the one group that always pays rent on time: The US Government. You'll also hear about how he got started in land investing, and a ton of great insight into this growing, but less known section of the market.

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