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EP 38: How to Quit Your Day Job ?| Interview with Elegment Dream Acres

Many people dream of quitting their day job because their side business is doing too well. Now you'll learn how two incredible land investors accomplished just that by combining their forces and expanding into new markets. With experience with Marketing and Accounting, Xing Gao and Andrew Finger are both experienced land investors with their own successful businesses, but recently they've joined together with their friend and land investor, Lucas King, to create unique land opportunities for buyers at a premium price. Elegment Dream Acres focuses their business on purchasing huge tracts of land, and subdividing it into large, private properties around 20 acres, perfect for builders and buyers alike. Learn about how both of these investors turned their side business into quitting their jobs and working for themselves full time in this tell all interview featuring juicy behind the scenes details and tips for new investors.

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