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EP: 36 How to manage your monthly costs and make more money investing in land!

Looking into investing in land but afraid of the costs associated with running a land business? It can be daunting when you're just getting started, especially if you're comparing yourself to investors with large teams and expansive portfolios.  But running your own business doesn't have to be a burden on the wallet, and with the right strategies, it's easy to manage your monthly costs, and grow your business. Those big guys started small just like you and me, and knowing where to save money, and where to spend it, can be the difference between getting that new boat or treading water.   In this episode, David and Howard discus the monthly costs associated with running a land business, both for new investors and those who are ready to grow. By starting small and doing as much as you can starting out, it not only teaches you about the process, but also saves you hundreds of dollars a month that you can use to invest in more properties.  Don't miss this incredible behind the scenes breakdown of how successful land investors spend their money each month, what they think is a good deal, what they think is a ripoff, and how you can grow your business while keeping more of your money.

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