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EP: 31 How to leverage your knowledge into a 6 figure income | Ft Derik Keith

Are you a realtor or a house flipper or wholesaler? Do you already have a strong foundation in real estate? You may think, “Hey, I already know so much! I don't need more education or guidance or motivation”. If you think that, meet Derik Keith. Derik is a Land.MBA student who in a very short time has amassed a six figure land business and just acquired a single property that he expects to net over $55,000 on. He recently told Dave, “I'd kiss you if you weren't so ugly!” Today on The Land.MBA Podcast, Dave and I will go deep with Derik on his journey from auto mechanic to real estate investor to broker to brokerage owner to land investor. Now he says a bricks and sticks investment has to be pretty spectacular to shift his attention away from land. Find out how Derek leveraged hardcore education like Land.MBA to quickly build a six figure land business at scale.

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