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EP: 29 Joe McCall on Marketing, Housing and Why He Loves Land Investing

Are you an engineer, finance person or other highly educated professional by trade? Do you love to learn dissect processes and then create new clever and unique ways to solve problems and grow businesses? What if I told you that that is the fastest path to the bottom? Our guest today on The Land.MBA Podcast is Joe McCall. Joe is a leading real estate investor with one of the top podcasts and coaching programs in the real estate investing niche. Joe is a recovering engineer who realized that and I quote: “cubicles made me want to vomit”. He decided to leave the security of his job and go out on his own. But after struggling with shiny object syndrome, and trying to develop his own approaches to real estate investing, Joe finally decided to buy a course and follow it to the letter. That was the beginning of his truly remarkable career. Oh, by the way, he's quite an innovator now, but that is because he has the expertise to find the subtle opportunities that aren't obvious to everyone else. Listen on, as Joe shares his story of going from near bankruptcy to the top of the mountain Joe’s investing journey started when his friend recommended the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. He started reading everything he could about investing. He grew his portfolio but when the crash occurred in 2009 he had about 15 home. He nearly lost everything and was incredibly close to bankruptcy. “I don't know how I survived,” he says. “It was God's grace”. It was at that point that he realized he had to learn the art of wholesaling. Wholesaling is just buying a property under contract at a real cheap discount and then selling that contract or your rights to buy that property to somebody else. He didn't think wholesaling was cool and believed it was just for rookies. He wanted to do the big deals. Then he realized his back was against the wall. He needed cash, fast. Joe became something of a professional student. He would buy course after course on real estate investing. He eventually did his first wholesaling deal and made something like $12k. The deals kept coming and that was enough to convince him to leave his engineering job and to begin his full-time real estate career.

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