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EP: 26 How to Flip US Land from Across the Pond | Ft. Markus Habermehl

America is a unique place to invest in land. We have over 2.4 billion acres and of that only 6% is developed. So not only do we have almost 1.8 billion acres to invest in, we have a legal environment that makes it possible for us to invest anywhere from anywhere. This is not the case in Europe. Not only is there a lot less vacant land available, values are generally known which makes profiting from flips difficult. That is why the American market is extremely attractive to European investors. In this episode of The Land.MBA Podcast, Dave and I are speaking with Markus Habermehl. Markus has the number one business podcast in all of Germany and got excited about investing in American land about two years ago. He will share why land investing is such a tremendous opportunity for European investors. What are the unique challenges of investing for Europeans and most importantly, how to overcome them. One of the big reasons why investing in land in Europe is so difficult is because of their strict data protection laws. In the United States it’s incredibly easy to find out everything you want to find out about a property, including who bought it and the tax history. There is a lot of regulation around land and pricing is completely different. It can be difficult for a European trying to understand the land investing system in the US. Markus says you can’t be afraid to learn new things or to make mistakes. The good thing is that the US market is big enough for everyone to participate. But that said, you do need a good mentor. “You need somebody who really loves to teach otherwise it doesn't work.” he says. That’s because there is a whole host of issues Europeans face. There is, of course, the language barrier. But even simple things like getting a US phone number or being able to create a US company is challenging. That’s why it’s so important to have someone in the US who is willing to help you.

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