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EP: 15 How to resonate with your sellers and buyers in Land Investing Business

It's widely believed by psychologists that you can't change a mind that's already convinced of something. If you doubt me, post something political on Facebook. This doesn't mean that you can't influence people's decisions. In this episode of The Land.MBA Podcast, we're going to talk about resonance. What is it? And how do you use it to bring people to your way of thinking? Master this skill, and you will increase your deal flow. In this context, we're talking about, of course, our potential buyers, and how do we resonate with them. Basically, we want them to sell themselves on our product. Ronald Reagan once said If you have to explain yourself you've already lost. Nobody wants to be explained to. Once we've established a belief in something, it's almost impossible to get people off that belief system. Typically, when we market a property you say things like, “it's got this many acres, and it's got road access, and it's got a slope and it's got some trees and it's got some grassy area,” etc. But there is a problem with that. There's a gap between the attributes of the property and what somebody might actually want to do with it. We're leaving it for them to cross that chasm. Our challenge is to make him believe that it's only our property that can meet their needs. And so we need to be able to resonate with them. It's not about logic, it's about the emotion. What do they care about? What do they want to do with it? How is this land going to improve their lives? I cannot change your mind if you believe something. I am not going to go onto Facebook and make an impassioned political plea. I'm not going to convince you, it just ain't gonna happen. But if I can find out something that's already inside of you, and I can tap into that. Now, we're going to start to say, Oh, you know what, this person kind of gets me I kind of get that person, I'm opening up, I'm willing to listen. And before you know, you can start swaying them to your way of thinking. So that's what resonance is. It's finding what's already inside of a person and building upon it.

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