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Episode #3
Segmenting Your Land Investing Areas

I've got land.  Want to buy some? If you think that that marketing message might need a little bit of work, you’re right.  The right message resonates with buyers. You have to understand what their needs and aspirations are.  And that all starts with market segmentation. When you really come down to it, everything is marketing. What are we going to go after? That's marketing. What products should we build? That's marketing. How should we price the product? How should we promote the product? That's marketing. The whole business is marketing.  Segmentation is really the very first step in marketing. The last thing you ever want to do in marketing is be all things to all people.  That is really the kiss of death. A lot of people approach business that way.  They think having a product that appeaks to lots of people will allow them to reach a large audience. It just doesn't work that way. The fact of the matter is, especially in this digital economy, where we are inundated with information, we really need to hear messages that resonate deeply with our needs and aspirations or we're moving on to the next message.  There’s only so much time in the day and you only get about a half a second to get their attention.  We can all imagine what some of these market segments might look like. I mean, we are going to sell those five acre lots at the base of Blanca Peak in Costa County. These are people that don't have a lot of money.  They're probably on a fixed income.  Maybe they're a veteran. That paints a certain kind of picture of that person.  They speak a certain kind of language.  But if you go sell something at the base of a ski resort, it's a very different kind of a person. They speak a different language.  They have a completely different idea of how they would want to use the land.  I would rather have a hyper focused message to a very specific target market than a general generic message to a very, very large market. And the fact of the matter is, we live in the internet age. We're communicating through the internet, which means we're, like it or not, we're communicating to billions of people. So our job is to identify that smaller segment that we can talk to.  We could still probably find hundreds, if not thousands of people in a very, very niche market. That will really resonate with what it is we're trying to say.

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