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Issue 39

1. Top 10 Factors affecting Land Value
Land value is determined by the economic principle of highest and best use of land which produces the highest net return in any term, over a period. It is determined by the specific character of the land such as land use, location, accessibility, aesthetics, etc.

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2. 7 Phone Skills Reps Must Master to Get a Black Belt in Inside Sales
Sales is kind of like karate in the sense that there are a lot of individual skills that must be mastered in order to become a master. Martial artists have their dojos, but for sales development reps (SDRs), that dojo is the telephone.

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3. Buying Homestead Land | How to Afford Farm Land

One question many new and aspiring homesteaders have is, “How do you afford land?” How do you get into owning your own property and buying homestead land? That can be as little as an acre or as much as a hundred acres or more. Each farmer and homesteader has their preference as to how much land they want, what kind of homestead land they want, what type of land they want. 

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There are certain characteristics and skills that are particularly important for entrepreneurs to have when starting and leading a venture. Here are 10 characteristics shared by successful entrepreneurs.

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5. How To Deal With A Last Minute Objection in Negotiations with Chris Voss

How do you handle a last minute change of heart in negotiation? What can you do to work through this? In this clip you’ll learn about a scenario like this and the importance of empathy and phrasing in dealing with it. 

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