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Issue 36

1. 5 Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads on Facebook for 2022
Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing tools for real estate. Through organic and paid marketing techniques like search-friendly content on your page, audience-engaging posts, Facebook Groups, promoted posts, and targeted advertising, Facebook lead generation can be one of the most lucrative channels for generating real estate leads for your business.

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2. 5 Tips on How to Sell Over the Phone (and Mistakes to Avoid)
This article covers tips and techniques on how to sell over the phone. Listed below are five phone sale techniques plus a BONUS tip that you can apply on your next sales call — TODAY!

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3. Gladstone Land: A Unique REIT In An Overlooked Asset Class

By investing in agricultural land, LAND accesses an asset class suffering from perpetually decreasing supply. However, demand for farmland and agriculture will inevitably persist given that people need to feed their families. Plus, the United States remains the largest global food exporter, more than doubling Germany who came in second.

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4. What Is a Conservation Easement?

A conservation easement is a legal agreement that landowners can use to donate and protect the conservation of land. A landowner can choose to protect conservation resources with a conservation easement. If the agreement meets tax code requirements, it may qualify as a tax-deductible charitable donation. This video talks about the numerous benefits of conservation easements and how they can reduce your overall tax burden. If you’re looking for an interesting strategy to lower your taxes, this video is for you!

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5. How to Set Investing Goals

Goal-setting is a vital step toward reaching financial success, especially when it comes to investing. Setting specific, achievable goals can help you to narrow your focus, create a plan, and stay motivated along the way.

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