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Issue 34

1. 5 Obstacles That Derail New Real Estate Investors (& How to Overcome Them)
Being a new real estate investor can be uncomfortable and challenging. You know real estate has many benefits, otherwise, you would have never started in the first place. But the reality of getting your investment property empire off the ground may not be as easy as the stories you hear from others. This article helps you become more aware of the obstacles so that you can prepare yourself mentally and emotionally to overcome them.

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2. How to Sell Lots and Land (and Why it’s Different from Selling Homes)
Unlike a move-in ready home, selling dirt can be challenging…in any market. It’s important to equip yourself with the right information on how to sell lots and land and to understand why your strategy with vacant residential land needs to be different from selling a home. 

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3. How to account for Installment Sales of Land

With installment sales, revenue is only recognized when an important event occurs such as when the business receives a cash payment from a buyer. An installment sale works by allowing a business to defer the gross margin on a sales transaction until it actually receives cash payment from the buyer. 

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4. 10 Best States For Homesteading

The location of homesteading properties is important for many reasons: not only do you need to pay attention to the more bureaucratic aspects of finding the right state, but you also need to take into account the weather, seasons and cost! 

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5. Land MBA Podcast EP 94: Scaling your land business just got a whole lot easier

You always want to learn from the pros, well this time the pros learn from each other. In this interview, you’ll meet Reid and his Wife Halie, and how they grew their land funding business as an investing power couple.

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