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Issue 33

1. Demographic Segmentation Defined with 5 Marketing Examples
Learn how to effectively use demographic segmentation in your marketing strategy. Get inspired by real-world examples from household brands.

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2. What Is A Land Contract?
Since a land contract is an alternative form of financing, there are advantages and disadvantages of using them. A traditional lender is not involved, which means that the buyer and seller should consider the terms carefully. Land contracts have distinct advantages. However, there are disadvantages that buyers and sellers should also consider. These risks may outweigh the reward depending upon your situation.

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3. Successful Foreclosure Investing Strategies

Investing in the foreclosure market is a strategy that requires a level of sophistication and diligence far beyond what most people realize. It has big potential, but it takes a great effort to cash in.

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4. How Inflation Impacts Your Life

Inflation is the rate of change in prices. Rising inflation means you have to pay more for the same goods and services. This can help you in the form of income inflation or asset inflation, such as in housing or stocks, if you own the assets before prices rise, but if your income doesn’t keep pace with inflation, your buying power declines.

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5. Land.MBA Podcast EP 94: Scaling your land business just got a whole lot easier

You always want to learn from the pros, well this time the pros learn from each other. In this interview, you’ll meet Reid and his Wife Haley, and how they grew their land funding business as an investing power couple.

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