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Issue 32

1. Everything You Need to Know About Installment Sales of Real Estate
Many people use “installment sale” to refer to both the sale and the method of reporting tax on gain, but while they are certainly closely connected, an “installment sale” is different than the “installment method” of reporting gain. In this article we provide an overview of installment sales of real property and how to report gain on such sales under the installment method. 

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2. See how much of your state is owned by the federal government
If you want to understand the American West, you need to understand federal ownership. Basically, the government owns your tumbleweeds.

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3. Real Estate Cycle: Understanding the Four Phases

Real estate cycles are highly nuanced. However, the great news is that it’s possible to realize success as an investor no matter what phase of the real estate market cycle we’re in — there are strategies to help you make the most of each. Keep reading to understand how the real estate cycle works, the different phases, and how to best strategize in each phase.

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4. Power Players with Ed Mylett and Grant Cardone – Ed Mylett

Chairman of WFG, Ed Mylett has built a fortune by being a closer. While his initial dream didn’t work out with playing baseball, he immediately opened his eyes to see the next opportunity. It’s not whether you get up, it’s how fast you get up. He’s now a peak performance coach, highly interested in reaching his full potential. What’s the highest version of you? Don’t measure yourself against others! Grant and Ed discuss the idea of when’s enough, enough? How do you find massive success?

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5. Land.MBA Podcast – Is this the biggest mistake newbie land investors make?

If you are looking to find the best realtor to achieve your land investing goals, it can be tough. Many realtors don’t understand the land market, or don’t have the interest in putting the effort into a property without attachments. When getting referrals from family and friends, it can be daunting deciding if that realtor would be the right fit for your business, or that specific deal. And in the end you also are faced with the fact that you can do a lot of the work a realtor can do for you already! But sometimes you need that extra foot in the door, and a fresh set of eyes can bring new perspectives to big deals. If you want to make more money from home, think about bringing a realtor on to your land investing business, but don’t do it before David and Howard tell you what to look for and what to avoid! 

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