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Issue 28

1. 12 Best Ways to Buy Land with No Money in 2022
When we talk about land investments, we generally assume buying an off-grid land parcel and holding it for a few years to achieve higher appreciation. The common belief is, that a big budget is critical to succeeding in land investments. Nonetheless, in reality, having a ton of money is not always a prerequisite for land investment.

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A buyer who does not need or want proximity to town or public road should not be expected to pay as much as he would for the more convenient property. Use the absence of location and access to your advantage. Hunters looking for hunting tracts should look for land that’s comparatively cheap owing to its remoteness. If the seller’s property is close to town, complain about its closeness.

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3. Largest Landowners by State 2022

Approximately 60% of land in the United States is privately owned, and just a few individuals and families control a significant proportion of this land. This interactive map shows the largest land owners in each state.

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4. 6 Benefits of Owning Land

While many may see vacant land as something that needs to be transformed into something else before it serves any purpose to the owner, there are actually many benefits to owning land that reveal themselves with only a little bit of digging. Regardless of any fixtures on any given plot of land, or any development around it, land itself has become a solid asset for a variety of reasons. As investment in vacant land has risen in popularity, many people are wondering exactly what some of the benefits to owning land are.

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5. Why Investing in Land is One of the Best Decisions During Recessions

This article discusses how land compares to the stock market in terms of investing. It also gives you reasons why land is a more stable investment option during recessions.

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