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Issue 27

1. Texas Housing Market Predictions 2022 and 2023
Knowing where to invest in a state starts with understanding the underlying real estate market. Which areas are growing? Which are contracting. This article provides details on the Texas real estate market to help investors in that state hone in on the best target areas.

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2. Buying Undeveloped Land: The Pros And Cons
Individuals who purchase undeveloped land to build a house on face challenges when it comes to bank financing. This could represent an excellent opportunity for land investors to solve a problem for this buyers with owner financing.

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3. 5 Things That Deserve Your Undivided Attention Before You Buy Raw Land

Not unlike its developed counterpart, raw land can hold incredible value for residential redevelopers and investors. In the right hands, it can result in a lucrative payday, provided due diligence is minded. It’s worth noting, however, that while vacant property can be flipped successfully, it’s not without it’s caveats: If for nothing else, there are several differences between the strategies used to develop raw land into an investment opportunity and your average developed suburban home.

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4. Farmland Returns In The United States

Over the last 20 years, United States farmland has offered average returns of 12.24%. At this rate, $10,000 invested in farmland in 2000 would now be worth over $96,149. Farmland returns are made up of two values, land appreciation, and capitalization rates of the property. Total farmland returns have been positive every year since 1990.

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5. 7 Reasons why Real Estate Pros Love Land Flipping

If you’ve looked into house flipping 2022, you know that the upfront costs and labor involved are enormous. What if there was an easier way where you could make bigger returns without all the headache? In this episode, Howard and David cover the 7 reasons why investing in land is the best investment strategy if you want to work from home.

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